Isha Mahashivratri PVR Tickets

Ticket price to watch Maha Shivaratri 2024 at PVR Cinemas starts from Rs. 240 onwards, Purchase tickets from the official isha website.

For the very first time, you can experience Mahashivratri on the Big Screen at select PVR INOX theatres. PVR INOX, India's premier multiplex chain, will collaborate with Isha to bring the 30th year of Mahashivratri to the big screen.

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Book your seat and attend the nightlong Mahashivratri celebrations LIVE with Sadhguru at Isha Yoga Center.


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What is Mahashivratri ?

Mahashivratri is an exuberant nightlong festival with explosive meditations by Sadhguru and spectacular musical performances by renowned artists.

Ticket Price

Ticket price to watch live streaming of Isha Mahashivratri at PVR Cinemas starting from Rs. 240 onwards across PVR in India, grab your tickets online.

Ticket Category Ticket Price (Rs)
Classic 240
Prime 260
Prime Plus 320
Recliner 580


MahaShivratri Live from 8 March 2024, 6 PM to 6 AM IST

MahaShivratri Event Schedule

Time Event Details
6:00 PM IST Pancha Bhuta Kriya Powerful process for the purification of the five elements within the human system.
6:15 PM IST Bhairavi Maha Yatra Vibrant procession of the Linga Bhairavi Utsav Murti to Adiyogi; an opportunity to bask in Devi’s exuberance.
7:00 PM IST Adiyogi Divya Darshanam Powerful video imaging show depicting the origin of Yoga.
7:15 PM IST Music, dance and cultural performances Celebrated artists keeping the audience awake and vibrant.
10:50 PM IST Sadhguru Discourse And Midnight Meditation Sadhguru’s discourse followed by Midnight Meditation, a powerful initiation into meditation.
1:25 AM IST Music, dance and cultural performances Celebrated artists continuing to entertain and keep the energy high.
3:40 AM IST Sadhguru – Brahma Muhurtham Discourse and Shambho Meditation Spiritual discourse at Brahma Muhurtam followed by Shambho Meditation with the mantra “Shambho”.
4:20 AM IST Music, dance and cultural performances More performances to maintain the lively atmosphere.
5:45 AM IST Sadhguru – Closing Closing remarks from Sadhguru, concluding the event.

How to Watch Live Streaming?

The event is going to be live-streamed in 16 languages on Sadhguru’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Sadhguru app, website, and more than 100 significant broadcasters worldwide.

Event MahaShivRatri 2024
Theme A Night with the Divine with Sadh Guru
Date March 8, 2024
Time 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM IST
Location Live from Isha Yoga Center, Tamil Nadu
  1. When is Mahashivratri in 2024?
    Mahashivratri in 2024 will be observed on Friday, March 8th.
  2. What is Nishita Kaal Puja?
    Nishita Kaal Puja is a significant moment during Mahashivratri when heightened spiritual energy is observed. In 2024, it is scheduled isha mahashivratri 2024 tickets price and between 12:07 AM and 12:56 AM on March 9th.
  3. How do devotees observe Nishita Kaal Puja?
    Devotees engage in special prayers, rituals, and meditation during Nishita Kaal Puja to seek divine blessings. It is a time of reverence, fasting, isha mahashivratri 2024 tickets price and expressing devotion to Lord Shiva.